Honey from the Noteć Valley is created in a well-thought-out and natural production process. The company cares for the selection of high quality nectar localized in the place far removed from the influence of the human factor. We give great importance to the sterility and cleanliness of machines and rooms where honey is prepared. Therefore, when buying honey from our company you can be sure that they reach for the highest quality product, 100% natural. We avoid any artificial additives in our products that may reduce the value of honey. This is evidenced by the fact that in 2015 we won the award in the 2nd edition of the National Competition titled ‘Beekeeper of the Year’ under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture.


One of the more popular honeys in our country is rapeseed honey. It is easy to recognize it’s very bright color. What distinguishes rapeseed honey is extremely rapid crystallization. After crystallization, the color is light yellow, creamy. It’s fragrance resembles, of course, the smell of rape flowers. There are really quite afew benefits of rapeseed honey, and it is natural. It contains vitamins B, K, C and nicotinic acid. There is iron in it, which can be absorbed from rapeseed honey in 63 percent. High glucose content makes it especially valuable in the treatment of heart disease, mainly cardiovascular and coronary artery disease, and does not burden the liver. In addition, it stimulates and strengthens its detoxifying properties. The potassium and magnesium present in this honey and phenolic acids and flavonoids lead to the strengthening of myocardial contractility. In addition, rapeseed honey lowers blood pressure and also helps to replenish potassium deficiency, which is beneficial for heart function. Moreover, this honey helps the liver detoxify the body due to numerous detoxifying properties. It is useful in supporting the treatment of pharyngal, nasal, and bronchial infections. It soothes cough and supports the immune system. It can alleviate the harmful effects of drugs, such as alcohol and cigarettes. Due to the high content of glucose, fructose and other simple sugars, rapeseed honey is recommended in the state of exhaustion of the body. It is a great conditioner that regenerates and is, therefore, indicated for long-term physical and mental work. Furthermore, this honey improves thinking and concentration. In case of light burns, it prevents blistering if applied quickly on the skin.


Multi-flower honeys are a large group of honey, which is one of the most popular and commonly used bee product. They vary in taste, color and health. These properties depend on the species of flowers, shrubs and trees chosen by bees, places of apiaries occurrence and harvesting dates. Due to the fact that multiflower honey is obtained from many types of plants, it has various charitable properties. Spring honey is made up largely of simple sugars and therefore has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. They are a valuable source of energy in the states of being overworked and physical and mental exhaustion. Gluten-free, easily absorbed glucose excels the heart muscle so it can prevent coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis. This honey affects the liver well, detoxification and gallbladder function. Summer multi-flower honey can alleviate hay fever and allergic bronchial asthma. However, it should be remembered that such therapy should be under the supervision of a physician. Regularly used to strengthen the resistance to disease and increase metabolism. Honey regulates blood pressure. In addition, it has a clear positive effect on the skin, increases its smoothness and reduces cracking.


Honeydew honey, unlike nectar honey, does not originate from the nectar of flowers. It is a bee collected by the bee secretions of aphids and leeks feeding on the leaves of the trees. Due to the high content of nutrients and health, honeydew honey is often called “royal honey”. It is an extremely valuable product for human health. Contains 9 times more bio-nutrients than nectar honey! As the only one contains silver, tin, molybdenum and vanadium. Compared to nectar honey, it has twice as many proteins, amino acids and enzymes, and also contains small amounts of vitamins A, B2, B6, C, PP and K. It has antimicrobial and expectorant properties. Thanks to its healing properties, honeydew honey is widely used in natural healing. Honey consumption reduces the toxic effects of coffee, tea, alcohol or tobacco on the body. Honeydew honey from deciduous trees helps regulate the metabolism, regulates heart function, coronary vessels, lowers blood pressure, improves blood circulation, and improves kidney function. This honey has properties that accelerate the healing of wounds, burns and frostbite. Reduces nervous tension and calms down. Conifer honey conveys an anti-inflammatory, expectorant and soothing effect of persistent cough. This property well affects the fight against colds and serious illnesses, such as pneumonia. In addition, honeydew honey helps in anxiety and insomnia. It is used as a natural anti-cancer agent.